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pcwins 08-25-2019 08:46 AM

2018 GL1800/B Engine Ticking
The bike has developed a ticking sound on the right side of the engine. Took it into the dealer. Service rep calls me later in the day. He says. "The engine needs a valve job. We generally recommend it at 60,000 miles. It will be about $950.00".

I explain that the engine has 6,000 miles not 60 (5898.5). The service rep sounded a bit shocked and said "then it should be covered under warranty".

A valve job at less than 6,000 miles?? On a Honda engine?? Thinking lemon law.
Deeply disappointed. If they can fix it, I'm getting rid of it.
Any thoughts?

trike lady 08-26-2019 03:28 PM

They don't build Goldwings like they used to. :surprise:

ironhorse54 08-26-2019 06:06 PM

I love my DCT tour. If it was my bike, and since itís under warranty, I would have them fix whatever the problem is and keep it. Remember, nothing is perfect, even a gold wing. But, they are damn close!

pcwins 08-26-2019 06:21 PM

I haven't heard from the dealer, they are closed Sunday and today. I am torn about keeping it or not. Another factor though; I'm one of those who can't ride it for an hour without severe butt trauma. Had the wingsoft mod which made it better. Still breaking it in. Will wait to see what the dealer says tomorrow. If its a valve adjustment, fine. But valve job... I'm concerned.

pcwins 08-28-2019 05:27 PM

Spoke to the dealer service department. They tell me that the ticking is an internal problem. They don't know what the issue is, and they have to get into the engine to determine what the problem is. They say it "should" be covered under warranty. No other information at this time.

I have a 2001 Honda Accord with 218,440 miles. That engine has never, and is not now ticking.

budoka 08-29-2019 11:25 AM

While it is possible that the valves are out of spec, it certainly isn't likely at that point on the clock. However, yes that is why there is a manufacturer warranty on it. That being said, valve adjustments (at regular posted service intervals are typically not covered by warranty as they are a 'wear" item and require the owner pays maintenance costs just like any other regular maintenance items. But, that also being said, all manufacturers have a "goodwill" policy that should cover things like this. If you get unfavorable diagnostic results or the service manager doesn't have a good response regarding the problem, I'd certainly call American Honda Customer Service directly 1-866-784-1870 and get them in on it. (number is on page 231 in your owners manual I think)

Just so everyone knows (many long term members know this) Honda does visit this site often for information and owner feedback on issues just like this. Trust me, they want their ridership and owners happy in all ways possible and they use this and other sites as sounding boards and information gathering.

While nobody at American Honda knows me personally, there are a good number of people at Honda Canada's offices that do. Believe me when I tell you they are all very concerned about their reputations and customer satisfaction. As a dealer (no matter what side of the border) I am too; I ride what I sell and I take pride in that. But I'm also not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if I have to.

ETC 08-29-2019 01:40 PM

It would appear to be under warranty so just get it fixed, find out what the real issue was and then decide to sell or keep. I would be interested in finding out what is the real issue and if this is a one off or chronic issue.

pcwins 08-29-2019 06:01 PM


Thank you so much for the information.
At this point, I'll leave it in the hands of the service reps.
See what they have to say.

Hopefully they fix it and I can get back on the road.

Again, thanks

pcwins 09-01-2019 04:08 PM

Got the bike back from the dealer yesterday. Three items to fix: 1) change tire (slow leak). 2) fix hill start light indicator. flashing off and on continuously. 3) engine tick.

1) Tire changed, all good.

2) Dealer unplugged and reseated the light. Light remained off driving home from the dealer. This morning took a ride. Light flashed continuously from start up to shut down at my destination. Start up to drive home, light off. Half way home began flashing and continued until I arrived at home. Not fixed.

3) During the four days it was at the dealer it was suggested it needed a valve job, then valve adjustment, then it was an internal tick and they had to open the engine. Finally they said that it was a normal sound of the engine. They said they listened to my engine, and the engine of a wing on their sales floor. They sounded the same.

When I left the dealer the engine was not ticking, and it wasn't ticking when I got it home. Today I took a three hour ride and no ticking. But I heard it before I took it into the dealer, and they heard it because they said it was coming from inside the engine.

Perhaps it is intermittent. I don't believe this is over. I'm going to record it if it happens again.
And, the blinking dash light is definitely not fixed.

DesertRat 09-02-2019 07:39 AM

I own a 2018 Goldwing Tour DCT and my son-in-law owns a 2018 Goldwing Tour. Both machines have a low volume noticeable ticking noise especially when started cold. My machine has 9,000 miles on it. It seems to be operating fine. Regarding your comparison of a Honda Accord to your Goldwing noise levels, the Accord's engine is buried in an engine compartment and even with the hood open it is still surrounded by lots of stuff so comparing it to a Goldwing engine pretty much out in the open is an unfair comparison. I have owned two other Honda models with the Unicam engine design, a 2005 CRF-450X and a 2009 CRF-450R. The 2005 X came from the factory with the intake and exhaust valve clearances reversed, Honda must have had some newbie build the engine that day. I adjusted the clearances correctly and the engine lit up in performance. Ether way there could have been some ticking coming from that engine but other engine noise like the exhaust could have masked it. The 2009 R engine was ridden for four years with two valve clearance checks which prompted a very minor exhaust valve adjustment. Again it was hard to tell if that engine ticked. I guess my point in all of this is that Honda has a lot of experience with the Unicam engine design and maybe because of the quiet nature of the Goldwing certain noises show up on it that wouldn't be noticeable on other Unicam models.

Regarding your hill start gremlin, I am no expert on this sort of thing, but I would ask the dealer to look at the sensor that determines whether the bike is level or on an incline. More than likely there are more than one inputs into the hill start feature that require either "or" and/or "and" logic inputs to function correctly. A diagnostic check with a laptop could pinpoint the problem if they haven't done that already. Good luck on this because these complicated computer software and instrumentation problems are often the most frustrating problems of all.

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