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TerraKacher 08-17-2019 01:19 AM

80 GL1100i Carb repair
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I first started up my wing and it spit and sputtered. So I go on line found out I'm going to need a carburetor rebuild. I bought the Rankind book and kit, and proceeded to remove the carbs. Following the book, I stripped it down, and cleaned the carbs the best I could. Now the book says you can't remove the Slow Speed Jets. I put it all back together and put it back on the bike. I also found the igniters needed replacing.

So I bought a pair from Ebay. The throttle grip pipe tube was broken... replaced. The on/off switch was cracked. Found a used one on Amazon... replaced. I replace all the fuel lines. Inside of the tank wasn't that bad, but I did clean it out. Replaced the fuel filter. The three wires that go to the battery through the plug, got fixed. Good thing I did, the plug showed signs of getting hot and was badly corroded. Funny, as soon as I got rid of the that connection plug, my battery start to recharge! :roll:

Cranked it up and it ran really rough, wouldn't idle down or it wouldn't stay running. Lots of backfires, and I knew that the Slow Speed Idle jets needed cleaning. I found on line how to remove them, they popped out easily. There is only one year that these jet were not to be removed, all the other years were threaded in. I just happened to get that year... 1980. It was completely plugged.

This time I boiled the carbs with the jets removed but in the bath, with a grease cutting detergent, and citric Acid. Someone said they boiled their carbs in lemon juice. I had a bottle of Citric Acid for my Kerig coffee machine. So I dumped that in the water too. The carbs came out all nice and pretty. Even the jets looked good.

I had to wait a bit before I could reinstall the carbs. Put everything back in the bike, this time it ran nice and idled down woohooo :D . But now I had a new problem. Gas was pouring out of the carbs. Removed the carbs again :cry:

Found that the float needles, that little spring loaded pin on top, 2 of the needles were frozen. So I bought four new float needles. I put everything in numbered cups, but when I went to put the new needles in, #4 float pin, the pin that the float hinges on, was missing. Another set back.

So if anyone should happen to have an old carb and can spare a pin, I'd pay for it and shipping. Otherwise a new pin and float gonna cost about $35 or more.

I'm hoping on getting this fixed before summer is all gone. My riding buddies have been on some amazing rides this year and I missed all of them.

TerraKacher 08-17-2019 01:39 AM

80 GL1100i Carb sync, Need Help
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From my last report, I lost one of the pins that the float hinges on. But after a thorough cleaning and a fine tooothed comb I found the pin.... Happy Days!

So I installed the carb on the bike, hooked up all the cables and lines. Tighten down all the clamps and bolts. Cranked it up and .... IT RUNS. Quick grab the snyc gauges and lets check it out. I was like a happy boy who got his first kiss!

Wait, no no no....

Whats up with #1? I checked all the rubber tubing from the manifold to the gauges, check. I tried switching gauges it did the same thing on the other gauge. I took the four gauges into my shop and using a vacume I check all four to makes sure they worked, and they do. All the same. I reconnected the sync gauges back up to the bike and started it. Still same issue on #1. I took my screwdriver and checked the clamps around the intake boots. clamps were tight.

While the bike was running, I sprayed some clutch cleaner spray all over the carb, no change in RPM's.

I tried adjusting the little screw up and down and no change in RPM's.

I did a compression check on all four and it came out good, all four.
Now the only thing I haven't done is adjust the valves. Could it be a bad exhaust valve? or out of adjustment?

NREMTP 08-17-2019 11:07 AM

You are doing great! Don't get down at finding something else wrong while you are celebrating the finish line. That is part of the game and I wouldn't be at all surprised if you still have some more surprises waiting for you to discover them.

skills4lou 09-21-2019 04:37 PM

Take a small mirror and carefully examine the linkages between 1 and 3. Make sure the little springs are in place.
Remember, there WILL be setbacks. But, the satisfaction when you do finally get her running tip top really is worth the struggle.

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