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Anthony Thibodeau 08-15-2019 10:42 AM

Back on two wheels
Well after a half a dozen operations and two years of sitting on my butt I've decided to get back on the road. I've bought an '83 Interstate that needs a head gasket and a few other miner things. I'd like to know if anyone can tell me where I can find a bolt on rear end. I want to be able to add the extra wheels when I bring the wife for a ride and take them off when I ride alone. Right now I don't trust my leg strength to hold the bike up with the extra weight. I've tried to find them on line but I've had no luck. I've seen them on other bikes but I can't run fast enough to ask the owners where they got them. Maybe I'm using the wrong wording. Does anyone know who sells them?

dan18960 08-15-2019 11:23 AM

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Is this what you are posting about?

Anthony Thibodeau 08-15-2019 12:01 PM

Yep, I was putting in the wrong information on line. Thank you very much. I called it everything except a convertible. Strange because I have a Sebring convertible in the driveway. Never thought of a convertible bike. Thanks again for the help.

dan18960 08-15-2019 01:52 PM

Your welcome - and welcome to the forum...

budoka 08-15-2019 02:19 PM

Welcome to the site. I've never had any experience operating a bike with a Voyager kit on it, but it seems like a pretty good alternative to a permanent trike conversion.

Anthony Thibodeau 08-15-2019 03:03 PM

The more sites I visit, the more I'd like to go ahead with this. For me, it's a matter of safety and sanity. Dropping the bike when I'm riding alone is one thing but dropping it with the wife on the back means spending the rest of my pitiful life listening about it.

Two Wheel Wing 08-18-2019 06:33 AM

Welcome to the GWOF from Pennsylvania. Enjoy..

tallpaul 08-18-2019 08:48 PM

Check out website "Trike on America" everything included lights and painted for you

fossil92 08-19-2019 03:19 AM

Welcome to the GWOF and best of luck with your quest.

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