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Madrussian 06-04-2017 07:04 PM

Zumo 665 lm
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i have Garmin Zumo 665 LM GPS for motorcycles for sale. It's in great shape and condition. Has all newly updated maps and firmware. And I have paid for Weather and traffic about 2 years ago through XM Sirius and they have never taken me off. My guess would be that I pre-paid for life. It was professionally installed and will be professionally removed from my bike. It comes wit motorcycle RAM holder and a suction cup holder for cars windshield. Also has car power cord. Water proof 100 %. You really need to google it to see what all options it comes with.
It has a ton of them. MP3 player, bluetooth, phone interface, caller ID, lifetime maps and firmware upgrade, etc...
I'm trying to price it competitively since I have paid over $800.00 new in 2015 so I went on Ebay and found one for $370.00 with 7 bids already. I think that price will go up some more before it is over with. BTW, it also has Canada maps priloaded too!
My price for members of this forum $350.00 plus shipping. If no one wants it it will be headed for eBay in 3-4 days.
I also have the original box.

detdrbuzzard 06-04-2017 07:16 PM

if I didn't already have two 660's I would buy it

Doug B. 06-05-2017 01:55 AM

I did notice the box indicates lifetime maps is included.

Madrussian 06-05-2017 03:47 AM

yes, LM stands for lifetime maps. or you referring weather and traffic?

Madrussian 06-05-2017 05:33 PM

Pending sale. Waiting on my installer to come home from vacation.

01excursion 06-06-2017 09:07 PM

Why are you selling?

Madrussian 06-06-2017 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by 01excursion (Post 1950370)
Why are you selling?

A small little birdie told me that I'm getting a great little present for a fathers day.:happay: (that wold make this present redundant). But Sshhhh!!! I'm not supposed to know about. :peepwall:

Madrussian 06-11-2017 07:15 AM

Sold. and shipped.

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