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Originally Posted by Delmarosalinda View Post
im also debating on weather to keep it or sell it. It is a beautiful bike but still needs minor things. Along with my left leg cramping, the engine gaurds get in the way of finding the brake pedal and the down shift peg. I also have a 1100 shadow and so far, it just seems like neither bike fits me.
I'll try to get things worked out on the goldwing. Maybe it is just a matter of getting used to it.
The first thing I'd try is to synchronize the carbs. If you can't get a steady vacuum level on the synch gauges on the TWO carbs at various rpms levels then you've got a vacuum leak, and most likely what I've just corrected and Fossil92 Bill corrected shortly before me. If you CAN hold a steady level on the vacuum gauges at various rpm levels, then you have a tight vacuum system and can synchronize the carbs.

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