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chopin, This is not about disposiable income. This is about the bike I worked 3 years at 2 jobs to be able to put together the ride I dreamed of all my life. I am 50 yrs young, own my own auto shop and worked nights on call as a wrecker driver, I am the guy on the interstate at 3 in the am that was cleaning up the drunk drivers wreck in 100 degree heat in August and the same one in 28 degree rain in january. The same guy you cussed at at 3 pm cleaning up the wreck so you could make your t-time. I have spent countless hours in my garage putting on the lights I wanted. I will not submit my mc because of people who do not apprechiate long hours of hard work to get what you want in life. This only puzzles me because I thought gw owners were a special breed. I will never attend a gw rally, nor post pics anywhere of my bike! I EARNED IT. SO I GUESS I WILL KEEP IT TO MYSELF.
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