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We are developing several new products and want your input on them.

1. Condenser mic for Goldwing. Currently, Honda, Yamaha, and older Kawasaki bikes use dynamic mics, and all other bikes use the same basic dynamic mic technology, but with a pre-amplifier in the headset. For the Goldwing in particular the motivation to use a condenser mic is mostly the size of it. In tight conditions, a dynamic can be too bulky. The performance of the two is very different, as dynamics are far more natural sounding than condensers, but sometimes size is everything. We are designing a simple kit that will use a condenser mic and it will be biased (it is not powered) by 2V DC derived from the left pocket power connector.

2. Many microphone splitters were copied after our original MicSplit cable. The cable works great, but some Garmin 600 series GPS have very low voice output to the cell phone, and on some cases the phone itself makes that even lower because of the Bluetooth firmware 'coordination' between the phone and GPS. We think we've got it licked, but it will be electronics based and not just with a transformer, which can induce more radiated engine noise into the mix.

3. A straight up wired cell phone cable with a small amount of electronics to allow you to use the phone from the helmet while listening to the bike's array of audio. We can get fancy and more expensive with an auto-mute for when the phone rings to be answered, or we can just press the mute button on the left handlebar. What would your preference be?

4. A more elaborate cell phone integration via Bluetooth. In both cases (3. above, and this one) the phone can be mounted on the handlebars in a RAM cradle, and you interact with it like you would a GPS. This one will allow us to boost the power coming up to the helmet since re-amplification is necessary for the cell input to coexist. So...with more power we can use a more powerful speaker....see #5 below:

5. Surprise! We've got a new speaker coming out. Our current speakers are outstanding, thin, light and easy to put in any helmet. The new ones have even more punch with the stock Goldwing, and these speakers will take it to a new level of very high efficiency and a big increase in sound pressure levels, so we advise wearing earplugs when using them. Heck, you should always use cheap earplugs anyway. These speakers will punch through the earplugs and your music will sound better than your car's stereo on the highway.

That's it for now, I welcome any comments. We really are a 'made by riders FOR riders' company.

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