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Hello, Goldwing Owners!

Hello members,

I'd like to introduce myself to the group here. I'm Ed Davis, owner and founder of EdSets. Over the last 14 years, we've been part of the Goldwing community, and prior to that, and almost ashamed to admit it, I was rolling on a Briggs & Stratton 3.5HP 'crotch rocket', purchased by my dad from the Aldens Catalog right about the time Kennedy was assasinated, and if I recall I was in 4th grade.

On that majestic 'motorcycle', I had a small American flag on the rear, some lights I rigged myself, and OF COURSE, a ball cap with a 'headband' crystal radio and a dual-mono earplug setup. Don't even ask!

I exposed the wiring in the hatband through a cutout in the front of the cap so I could tune the radio. It only got WBAM out of Montgomery, Alabama, but it was enough. I rode that little minibike from Louisville to Clayton, about 12 miles, and spent weekends with my friend, and of course his sister who I had a secret crush on... Those were the days!

Once a geek, always a geek. 28 years doing electronics research for the USAF in Dayton Ohio expanded my education just a bit, and three engineering degrees later, I began tinkering with headsets, and a couple years later I had a new Goldwing 1800 to play them with.

EdSets was born in 2001 when none of the headsets offered had decent quality and performance, and because of that and the fact that I had access to a fantastic surplus electronics vendor in Dayton called Mendelsons, we were soon making EdSets by hand off the kitchen table, where we occasionally ate dinner as well. My goal was to sell enough of them on eBay to buy a new camera for our next vacation.

I never realized what I'd done at first...word of mouth spread quickly and people were calling and emailing me daily inside a month, and most would not take 'no' for an answer. My choices were to start a business, or move to Peru and go into hiding, it seemed. I do not live in Peru now.

20 hour days are not healthy, and we had the good fortune to hook up with Dayton's 'Cables to Go', and started using professionally molded coiled cables, and we kept finding sources and partners so that we could focus on design, performance and fitment and let someone else mold the plastics for the cables.

We are now in the 3rd generation of our headset design, and have found over 10,000 like minded customers that will use nothing but EdSets. We even sent our gear out with WheezyRider, aka Peter Sever on a 3-year, 37-country WORLD WIDE tour. Peter noted after the trip on his blog ( that J&M Elites headsets were:

"...not meant for real conversation, and I mistakenly blamed Honda for the poor performance, until I began using EdSets..."

As a guitar player (depending on who you talk to!) and an engineer, good sound is not something you should ever compromise on. That's why we stick with studio quality microphone elements, high performance speakers, and gold plated contacts.

It really does not cost but a bit more to have the best. We began using 'mission essential' wire in our cables in the second generation cables, refined it and now use it in our 3G headsets. NASA and medical technology were the cues that led us to our use of 3M Dual Lock and non-stress tinsel wire. That is the reason we offer a 3-year warranty, unconditional, because our warranty costs/losses at EdSets are not even enough to pay for a coffee fund in any given month.

Unlike many vendors, we sell only what we design and manufacture. We don't sell third party gear as a rule. That's largely because we have always been a research and development company that happens to focus on motorcycle audio gear.

We are also more of a 'factory outlet', meaning we don't use dealers in general to sell our gear. We prefer to keep our customer support and your experience within our own reach so we can make sure you're always good-to-go with your gear and our service. We even encourage clubs and groups to pool their purchases and earn the same discounts as dealers would normally get. Selling direct has several advantages, not the lest of which is better communication, support and economy.

As an expression of our commitment to, we're proud to offer everyone limited time 10% discount on orders over $100.00 to you all. This discount will expire on May 1, 2013. To use the discount, just type 'GWO2013' into the Coupon Code during checkout. That's all there is to it.

You can call and speak to Ed any time between 9-5:30 Eastern at (937)271-4077, or by sending mail to [email protected].

Thanks for reading, and for the opportunity to assist members here on anything related to headsets, cell phone integration, and more.

Glad to be here,

Ed Davis

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