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Got the bike back from the dealer yesterday. Three items to fix: 1) change tire (slow leak). 2) fix hill start light indicator. flashing off and on continuously. 3) engine tick.

1) Tire changed, all good.

2) Dealer unplugged and reseated the light. Light remained off driving home from the dealer. This morning took a ride. Light flashed continuously from start up to shut down at my destination. Start up to drive home, light off. Half way home began flashing and continued until I arrived at home. Not fixed.

3) During the four days it was at the dealer it was suggested it needed a valve job, then valve adjustment, then it was an internal tick and they had to open the engine. Finally they said that it was a normal sound of the engine. They said they listened to my engine, and the engine of a wing on their sales floor. They sounded the same.

When I left the dealer the engine was not ticking, and it wasn't ticking when I got it home. Today I took a three hour ride and no ticking. But I heard it before I took it into the dealer, and they heard it because they said it was coming from inside the engine.

Perhaps it is intermittent. I don't believe this is over. I'm going to record it if it happens again.
And, the blinking dash light is definitely not fixed.
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