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While it is possible that the valves are out of spec, it certainly isn't likely at that point on the clock. However, yes that is why there is a manufacturer warranty on it. That being said, valve adjustments (at regular posted service intervals are typically not covered by warranty as they are a 'wear" item and require the owner pays maintenance costs just like any other regular maintenance items. But, that also being said, all manufacturers have a "goodwill" policy that should cover things like this. If you get unfavorable diagnostic results or the service manager doesn't have a good response regarding the problem, I'd certainly call American Honda Customer Service directly 1-866-784-1870 and get them in on it. (number is on page 231 in your owners manual I think)

Just so everyone knows (many long term members know this) Honda does visit this site often for information and owner feedback on issues just like this. Trust me, they want their ridership and owners happy in all ways possible and they use this and other sites as sounding boards and information gathering.

While nobody at American Honda knows me personally, there are a good number of people at Honda Canada's offices that do. Believe me when I tell you they are all very concerned about their reputations and customer satisfaction. As a dealer (no matter what side of the border) I am too; I ride what I sell and I take pride in that. But I'm also not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if I have to.

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