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Not to diss Max and his desire to make the front suspension on any bike better (he does have a product to sell), there are no inherent problems with the 2018-19 Goldwing front end. Just as the front 'forks' on the former model may have been an archaic design (outdated and not the best), they did work. Any suspension can be improved upon no mater what it's on be it a touring bike, sport bike, cruiser, off road, whatever. If that weren't true, companies like Racetech, Ohlins, Kyle Racing, and yes, Traxxion et al would not exist.

The GPS isn't an issue with Android, it's a headbutt thing with the Apple Carplay being a different operating system just like a computer. The Android based phones will work with the Goldwing, it's is just that the Carplay is designed by and for Apple technology so some of the features will not interface with Android devices. The GPS still functions as it should, but you won't hear "what's her name" answering your questions or providing you with voice prompts. I personally don't like the Apple system on any front (I will surrender up my PC when they lift my cold, dead fingers from the keyboard), but that isn't why I don't own a 2018-19 model at all. I just can't justify dropping the amount of coin necessary for ownership when I have a perfectly sound and trusty steed in the garage that I won't live long enough to wear out.

OMG, did I just say something about practicality in my motorcycling life?

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