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I agree with Eric - and maybe part of coming to being a united front might be for you and Sue to seek some counseling.

It doesn't have to be marriage counseling either. Sometimes getting a neutral listening ear can be all that is needed to hear the other person and LISTEN to them. Hearing and listening are often thought to be interchangeable - but you can hear a loud scream but that doesn't mean you understood the loud volume - but listening provides the ability to think and weigh the words being said.

Also being too strict (often a view rather than a fact) can be a road block to seeing "the love". Maybe you might think you are strict and Sue is viewing it as anger and overbearing - and as such an unreasonable action towards her son.

I am wondering if the father has ever had a role in the son's life? Even though my ex-wife and I divorced ages ago - we have always had a good and (most of the time) healthy relationship with OUR sons.

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