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New Colorado Goldwing Owner

I have a moment , so I thought I would introduce myself. I am an aging rider, 68 now. Due to neck injuries, I cannot look upward without impinging nerves. The local shop (there is one in my town) had a 2005 Wing on consignment. I thought well what the heck, I would take it out and see if it was easier on my bod than what I had. I know the folks at this shop, they know me, they just handed me the keys, put a plate on it, and away I went. I was amazed. Upon returning, I began dealing and ended up owning it. I've put about 3K on it in the last month. I am so surprised at what a great motorcycle this is. It is fast, it handles, it is comfortable. I am not a long haul rider most of the time, I ride one or two day trips, sport touring as it is. This is my new sport tourer. So hello, happy to be here.
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