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Just to clarify there is no such thing as a rake kit although that is the common misinterpretation. What it actually pertains to is a trail kit which is offset triple trees that change the fork tube angle from 29 degrees to 34 degrees or as miss claimed as 5 degree rake. To actually change rake would require cutting the headstock on the frame and changing the angle of the triple tree bearing stem which is the actual rake or caster angle. If you place an angle gauge on a stock fork tube it should read between 29 and 30 degrees if it has a trail kit then that number will be 5 degree more.

Normal trail on a Gl1800 is approximately 5.6 inches and a 5 degree rake kit would change this to something in the 3.5 inch area. Reduction of trail is what eases steering effort. Adding 5 degrees to the rake would actually increase steering effort by a substantial degree.

Sorry but I live in this world so miss used and incorrect descriptions bother me, sort of like near miss which is actually a collision. Anyway that's all I have to say about that

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