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Originally Posted by ETC View Post
I run air but normally switch to summer air in spring then change to winter air in fall. I only use synthetic air and change every 3000 miles. I have never had a tire air related problem since switching to the super plaid full synthetic air.
growing up my father owned a Garage.......... when I was still like 9-11 yrs old...... I can remember my grandpa coming in and was always trying to convince me to replace the air in his tires saying,"he needed fresh air in his tires, the old air was getting stale, and flats are caused by stale are, you know, how when you leave a coke open.... we say it goes flat.... that is the because of old air" I can remember one of my younger brothers falling for it.

As far as air in any of my tires...... I just flip on the switch to the air compressor in my workshop and fill 'em up. Check the air in my bike tires about once per week. (don't trust the TPMS)

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