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Originally Posted by Special Wing View Post
Ok, I had trouble setting the clock on VHS devices few decades back so tech stuff does not come naturally😡

I got this Spot satellite tracker for my birthday and struggling already. Can you help?

Below is photo of result of me driving car with Spot tracker on the dash.

1. I turned it on when I got in the car. Then I pressed the button in center of the lower 3 buttons. This middle button has symbol of “footprint”. Instead of giving a dot every 10 minutes it gives a “footprint” at Spot’s location every 10 mins. How do I just get a “dot” and no “footprint”?

2. How do you get it to give the starting point? The picture below #1 is 10 mins from where I started.

3. It does not show my true ending place. When I got to work and turned tracker off it does not show that spot.

Any experienced Spot users out there.
I have a SPOT Gen 3 also and the "tracking path" part is not all that great. They way SPOT works is with simple messages through the satellite to their web service. There are 4 different messages it sends:

1. Tracking message: Transmits every 10 minutes and gives the current location and time/date. This is what tracks your path.

2. Check in: This is the button with the check mark. You sent a custom message on the web ( You can leave a custom message (basically I'm Ok right now) that gets sent to email or text message to people you identify in advance.

3. Help: This is another custom message that you create in advance. This is basically a non-emergency help message that goes to people you designate with your GPS coordinates so they can find you.

4. SOS: The red button: This sends an emergency message to the control center. They dispatch medical/coast guard/police responsible for the area that you are located. This must be a true emergency.

The SPOT is really designed as an emergency signalling device in the absence of any cell phone system. It works off satellite so it works virtually anywhere in the world with a clear view of the sky.

To get the start and finish spot you would need to leave the device on for 10+ minutes before you leave and keep it on for 10+ minutes after you arrive.

They aren't great tracking devices but since I like to hunt/fish alone and often go where there's no cell service, it could be a lifesaver.

There are phone apps that are much better for tracking your location (for others) real time. Some are even part of the phone system (Apple IOS Find a Friend for example). Also check out the "Glympse" app for your phone. Very easy to use and someone sees your realtime location. Both of the phone apps require a cell phone signal but that's usually not an issue while riding a Gold Wing.

Good luck.


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