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Sorry, i have been dealing with a bunch of personal issues by "holding stuff in", and sadly it exploded, and i misinterpreted what wasn't said (hope that makes sense...), and my mind ran with it in an unfortunate way.

one of my issues, that i don't mind sharing, is i got news from my Doc on my last lab test, i had a "significant amount" (30mg, i think it was) of protein in my urine. i have kidney issues anyway, so this is not good news. and my creation is also at a new high @ 1.60 something (was 1.44 something).
add to that, my Wing stalls at idle constantly now, so that makes riding miserable. i plan to look at it this weekend, if i get a chance.

add poor stress management to that, and well...

anyway, sorry for muddying the waters, again.


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