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Luggage Preferance

I have pulled a trailer over most of the U.S. and into Canada with a GL1000, GL1100, GL1500 and my first GL1800. I'm going to Wing Ding this year at the end of this month. Leaving Sunday Aug 25th. This will be the first long trip I've taken without pulling a trailer. I'm not going to install a hitch on this bike. At least for now I am not. I also don't have the trunk luggage rack. I am riding solo because the wife doesn't ride anymore due to health reasons. So, I have the passenger seat to place a bag or something suitable for the trip. What, if any, would be the preferred bag I should use that will easily attach to the passenger handles and be rain proof. I know I can always stuff a gym bag in a garbage bag and strap it to the bike but the look is tacky. Comments, please.

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