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Slipping out of gear

So thought I was done with repairs for a while after replacing pulse generator and new air filter, but another issue rearing its ugly head on the 2013 F6B non deluxe. This has came on gradually and used to happen about once a month, now it has gotten to happened to me 3 times on a 20 mile trip. It seems to happen when I down shift to third or second gear and then get on it, it pops out of the higher gear and goes to lower, I think mainly from 3rd to second. I am due for a clutch fluid change in November, changed on schedule with manual. Fluid looks good in window and full. I had final drive oil changed about 2 years ago.Again, I did just have my Ignition pulse gen replaced, and I think the timing belt is right there but does not seem like the timing would be making it slip out of gear. It is quite a bang when it happens and scares the ....... out of my passenger.

Thoughts on what is happening?
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