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Originally Posted by Joflewbyu2 View Post
I sure hoped you paid the service department as it is not a manufacturer defect but an issue with the items you installed or the installation of the items. LED bulbs do not have the same electrical draw as the filament bulbs that the signal switch and relay were designed for. I would check the connections from the LED foglights to the turn signals behind the mirrors making sure they are snug and snapped together. I would also run a zip tie to keep the connectors from pulling apart. I would also get a high quality LED turn signal flasher too that others have had good luck with. Pathfinder sells them if needed.
I don't think I ever had any thoughts that it's a manufacturers defect. Even it it was, the bike is no longer under warranty, so I'm paying for the repairs. When the LED flashers were installed in the rear of the bike, I believe a unit was installed to ensure they flashed in sync, and it was from Pathfinder. My understanding was if that wasn't installed they flashers wouldn't work properly. However, my problem seems to be coming from up front somewhere.
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