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Originally Posted by Dwarven1 View Post
NO headlights whatever.

Fortunately, Lewis Preston of Electrical Connections will be at Americade, less than two hours away, and has offered to look at the beast. I'm heading down there on Thursday.
Or not...


Got an email from Electrical Connections this morning: "We have never heard of this issue. Can you give us a call at 865.219.9192 and talk to our tech, Phil."

So, since my building got shut down today and I had to go work from home, I called Phil on my lunch hour from the garage. Chatted with him briefly and went over the problem. Pulled all the fuses and double-checked them. Turned on the ignition... still no headlights.

And then just for grins, I pulled out the right hand high-beam halogen and flipped the ignition switch. THREE LIGHTS COME ON - the two lo-beam LEDs and the remaining hi-beam halogen (sitting in the left hand pocket.) Huh... wonder what happens if I plug the right-hand hi-beam halogen back in? To quote Jean-Luc Picard, "THERE. ARE. FOUR. LIGHTS!"

Thoroughly bewildered now, I plug the two LEDs back into the high beam sockets... AND ALL FOUR LEDS COME ON. Amidst the sounds of a heavenly choir singing "Let there be light!"

So after work I'm going to button the fairing back up and take him for a ride to be sure that they're going to keep on working.

Phil the tech is as bewildered as I am by this - his thought is that perhaps there was some kind of short or open contact in that right hand pocket. Maybe... but I can't find it if there is. I'm just happy they're all lighting up!

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