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Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway, Knoxville T.N. & Ohio City

So, a couple of weeks ago my buddy and myself decided to get some modifications done on our bikes, so why not make a ride out of it. First we rode Skyline Drive, and then we rode the Blue Ridge Parkway. We both did this together a couple years ago before we met up with Tammy and the rest of the crew in Cherokee, and then we all rode together for a week. This time the weather was sunny and beautiful, unlike a couple years ago the four days we rode before we met up with everyone was raining most of the time. At least when we met up with everyone a couple years ago the rest of the trip was also sunny and beautiful.

What mod's you might ask............first Electrical Connection and now have a hidden switch which will enable to use the hazard lights (four ways) to work without the key in the ignition. I also have a red L.E.D. light beside the fog light switch to show if the fogs are on. This was a "what the heck" it's pretty cheap so why not. And the last modification was when I put on the brights, the fogs stay on also, so I get the most light power on very dark secluded roads. My buddy just picked up his new to him 2012 wing, and wanted to get Baker Wings installed.

It was a great trip overall!

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