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I can't directly answer your question. But I have an Ultimate on my Valkyrie and had one on my GL1500. Like them very much. I had a chance to buy a used one for my 2015 but the deal fell through. It's one of the things I'd like to try before I drop big $ on a new one because every person is different. They do offer a refund on new ones if you don't like it.
Since this post I have purchased a used Ultimate for my GL1800 (leather, heated with ostrich inserts )

So far I have only done a few hundred miles on it and at most about two hours continuous, Pretty happy so far. Looking forward to getting past spring yard cleanup and looks like the rainy season is starting to pass so I will be testing this soon. Again, has met my expectations so far. Only complaint is I had to drive to Connecticut to get it and even if the weather has been nice, I would not take the bike near Boston in rush hour.

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