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Originally Posted by armsrn View Post
Hey kellar
When your bike doesn't want to start try wiggling the wire going into the timing cover
I would do that and it would start
I had check everything else as you read
I just pulled the wires out a bit from the front
Removed the timing cover
You may have to tap on it a bit
Replaced the pulse generator
Cut and spliced the wires ( I used heat shrink type connectors)
Clean up the cover
I used spray a gasket (Permtex) to hold the gasket in place
Installed and torque to spec
A lot easier than tearing the the shelter off
That was 2 years ago
Let me know how you make out

every day is a good day.....some are just gooder than others
thanks for the info! Yeah it keeps doing it more and more, last night it stopped running and I tried your trick, hard to get in there through that Grill and wiggle that wire, it's still did not start, but then when it cools down it fires up at night time, anyway I think I've got everything I'm going to need to do the splice wire trick. Your instructions help, I don't have a heat gun so I won't be using the heat shrink, but I have some other butt connectors, planning on waterproofing them with electrical tape, a little nervous that that cover is not going to come off easy and not much room to work with that tire right there, plan on doing a YouTube video, should be entertaining, LOL will send you a link.
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