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Mad Max -

Hey Eric - Just as a joke, that IS a photo of a character vehicle from the Mad Max movies...... He's just one of the rough and tumble buddies the "Dud" is kind of beginning to look like. Of course, in the real world a 4 cylinder GW is not practical as a serious dual purpose bike. Most agree that position is held by elite utility motorcycles like the BMW R 1200 GS.

The Dud is simply my inexpensive pack horse used when camping up in the mountains along the Lewis & Clark LoLo Trail. As long as my back holds up, I plan to enjoy stepping back to the times and places where life wasn't so complicated.

At the VFW one time I heard a hundred year old man comment "At this point of his life, if he ever wakes up feeling great and nothing hurts - he'll know he's dead".

Ride Safe - Michael

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