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2000 - 1500 se

Yesterday a friend and I returned to the dealership to look at a 2000 1500 I'm considering and while there, I asked about the 2005 GW my wife and I had ridden previously. It was still "Being Evaluated". The salesman then went through a list of reasons why an inexperienced rider shifts gears incorrectly. He then said he'd never heard of any 1800 transmission issues.

The riding buddy who was with me suggested a search on the internet for GW owner comments about "Ghost Shifting". The GL1800Riders Forum has a number of discussions on ghost shifting and repairs. Not a lot of opinions on ghost shifting here ?

That 2000 SE is looking pretty good. My wife says she actually liked Ol' Red Neckerson better than the 2005 bike.

Ride Safe - Michael
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