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2005 gw

I've been shopping around in the off season for an 1800 since my wife's knees are better. I kind of flip-flopped around between bikes earlier while test riding several GW contenders.

Sold my 96 1500 (Red Neckerson) and bought a 2000 Yamaha Royal Star Venture. That fully loaded Venture Millennium with over stuffed seats was like sitting on a couch and a real asphalt eating monster on the open road. But - was just a bit too top heavy in parking lot maneuvers with 6 gallons of gas up top. Since I now have sold the Venture - I've been shopping for a 2005-2007 GW.

Two weeks ago the local Honda dealer let us spend about an hour in the saddle of a nice low mileage 2005 GW. Loved that bike but it ghost shifted out of 5th a couple of times. I tried using a firmer up shift but if I rolled on the throttle heading down an on ramp or passing, the ghost shift rattle, 5th to 4th would happened again. The salesman said this was news to him and they would check it out.

I'm leaning toward an 1800 but is there a particular year I need to avoid ? Recommendations ?

Thanks, Michael

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