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All of these passes are in my back yard, been over them many, many times in both a car and motorcycle. In late June there is an incredibly small chance of hitting a snow storm. If it does happen the chance of it sticking on the roads is very, very remote. Wolf Creek, Coal Bank, Molas, and Red Mountain passes are all in the 11,000 foot range. You should have no problem what so ever riding your Wing over them. However, depending on what time of the day you pass over them the temperatures could be pretty nippy. I would suggest a medium jacket and a pair of warm gloves even if you have heated grips. The biggest challenge is thunderstorms in the afternoon. Between Durango and Ouray, also known as the Million Dollar highway, if a violent thunderstorm strikes the run off from the short intense rain will dislodge rocks that will cascade down onto the roads, some bigger than basketballs. Red Mountain pass is the most treacherous especially on the Ouray side. You need to time your ride on the Million Dollar highway to get past it before 2-3 PM. Message me your plans and maybe we can meet up in Durango which is 45 miles from my home. Breakfast in Durango would be ideal because that would put you over the Million Dollar highway in the early afternoon. Would also recommend visiting the Black Canyon outside of Montrose, Colorado. The most frustrating thing will be the RV's that poke along on these passes but the good thing is they slow you down to take in the views.
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