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Originally Posted by armsrn View Post
Hey Keller
I had the same problem on my '03 "wing
It was intermittent and frustrating
Having had the whole bike tore apart to check all connections the year before I knew they were good
I ended up splicing the new IPG into the harness and it never misses a beat
I sealed the connections really good
Had Honda move the connection from under the air filter housing to the front of the engine it would be alot easier
Good luck

every day is a good day....some are just gooder than others

Great info! Thanks, I will add this to my contemplating, I was really going to wait until about 30k before changing the filter out, do you have a link on exactly what, type of splicing connectors you used? Also, I've heard some people saying they had to take a hammer and a 2 by 4 to the timing chain cover to remove it, how hard was yours to get off?
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