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Originally Posted by crownfire View Post
Mine has developed the same problem. Were you able to get to it by removing the front lower covers? I've got the parts ordered and hopefully I'll be able to get to this before I leave for vacation next week.
So here is a follow-up video,

I ended up chickening out, and put everything back together. You would not think that removing the lower and upper cow would be so difficult, but it took me forever to put it back together, now this was my first attempt at doing this and as you know second time always goes a little bit easier, but the lower and upper cow have a piece that fits in between the two and buckles all together, with a bolt, it was extremely difficult to put back together, now again I'm one on a mechanic's level, LOL okay maybe 1.5! You may or may not know once you get the lower and upper cowl off and expose the wiring there are two methods you can do, the first is to actually cut the wires, on the New Pulse generator and put them on the old pulse generator wires, by using connectors, and splicing the lines, the problem with that is what if it's actually a loose connection that's giving you the error! The second way is of course to be a contortionist and get some tool up into the sleeve that I mentioned in the video and are able to disconnect the original connector. The second way in my opinion, is definitely the way to go, I just didn't have a tool that was going to allow me to get up there and do that, plus again, you have to get that sleeve out of the way. I'm at 20,000 miles with no filter change, I've kind of made a vow to myself the next time it doesn't start, I'm going to bite the bullet, and probably tear down the bike on my own, and replace the filter using that filter change video, the great one that got posted about a year ago for the F6B, and while I'm in there go ahead and get to this connector to and change out the pulse generator. Good luck and keep me posted
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