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My 2001 GL1800 was run over by a woman and the tow truck driver dropped it off his truck. This was in Oct 2004. So, I bought a 2006 VTX1300 and loved it. Was contemplating putting an auto style cruise control on it and was really into that bike. Then my son-in-law came home with a 2008 Harley Sportster and that bike had more get up and go and that got me to thinking about a Sportster, so I bought a new 2012 and sold the VTX. But that sportster was a vibrator on wheels and on the long haul was tiring. So, a couple years later a friend went overseas and left me his GL1800 which I rode a few time but didn't want to take chances with his great bike, so I bought another Harley Dyna Low Rider, 103 eng. (1680cc), great bike but I totaled it last summer. But loving that GL just got me to shopping around for my own while I was still on crutches and in therapy learning to walk all over again. My 2005 is just great but, I still would like to have that VTX back. Having two bikes in the garage is an endeavor to dream about.

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