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Originally Posted by Dwarven1 View Post
How would one read the codes if they are on a trike? I have no kickstand!

FI light appeared about 150 miles into a 250 mile ride in heavy rain. I notice that OD light comes on when I'm in neutral and the motor is running, too.

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Find the wires where the side stand switch is or used to be. If the switch is still there, you have to wait until the FI light is on, stop and put it in neutral, then move the switch clockwise until the “S” on the dash lights and the FI light should start blinking the code in long and short blinks. Long blink =10, short blink = 1. If the switch is gone, then disconnect the green wire from the green/white wire and then connect the green wire to the yellow/black wire. This will simulate the side stand in the down position and the FI light should flash the code. If you turn off the key before doing this procedure, the ECM may forget the code and it won’t flash the light, so don’t turn off the key until you get the code.

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