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Originally Posted by fossil92 View Post
Yes we rode the Canyon on our way into Cody in 2015 for the M&G that was there. It's absolutely stunning one of my favorite rides.

I was going to add to my previous reply about alternate routes not really being feasible but decided not to. But then you said it by to he time I posted.

That's beautiful country that you live in.

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I phoned the owner when he said he was going to be home and told him I was concerned with riding the bike in heavy rains and through Wind river canyon. He said he was glad I called because it is pouring there and he didn't think it was safe either. He's going up on a little vacation for the next week/week and a half so he'll call me when he's back and we will reschedule.

Oh, the area we live in, Big Horn County is not beautiful except at the base of the Big Horns. My mother in law aptly describes this area as 'desolate' and that is probably the best description I've heard. Not as bad as North Dakota but other than the mountains, not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. I truly miss the variety of trees in Kansas and the colors in the fall. Out here Russian Olives are taking over everywhere, pushing out native species of trees.
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