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Originally Posted by Luv2fish View Post
Today I was bored due to potential storms so I decided to catch up on motorcycle maintenance. I have one of those inspection cameras so I decided to check my air filter. After pulling the left pocket and fishing my way through to the filter I decided that it would be best to get one ordered.

Now that was done so I was checking other things that might need attention and ran across the "crankcase ventilation valve". Seems simple enough, pull 6 bolts from the cover, pull it and clean. Says should be done if you've ever "dropped the motorcycle". Ok, let's do this.

The 5 bolts that the manual said to pull came out pretty easy but the cover would not come out past my engine guard. Here's where I screwed it up. I decided to pull the 6 bolts above it to make more room. These six bolts hold on the left side valve cover. Before I noticed it I had lost about 1 quart of oil on the floor. The issue is that I use Amsoil and I didn't have any extra and I've ordered online in the past. Delivery usually takes some time.

Bottom line is now I'm sitting with the oil at the bottom mark on the dipstick. I called one place and they "think" they have the right oil. I'll stop by and check in the morning.

I'm supposed to go on a 200 mile ride on Saturday. Could I top it off with another good synthetic oil? I changed it about 4000 miles ago and would like to get another 4000 out of this. I hate to run it low.

BTW the crankcase ventilation valve was just fine. Didn't need to be done.

Thank you for your post very informative!
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