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Rear LED turn signals

It appears from the manual that 2015 - 2017 wing have some electrical differences from the 2012-2014 so this question is for the 2015 and up owners.

Trying to install LED turn signals in the rear of my 2017 gl1800 in place of the oem bulbs but have a stranger issue. When I turn on the blinkers and then off one of the rear turn signals stays on dimly. If I use the left blinker the left rear will stay on dimly, if I then turn the right side on when it goes off the right rear will be dimly light. If I the turn the ign to ACC and turn on the hazard lights and then turn then off the the rear blinker that was last used will
be dimly lit. I measured the voltage and when the lift stays on it is at 4.5v and the right is at 0v. When the right stay on it has 2.5v on it and the left has 0v. I have connected a gnd wire directly to the gnd side and the frame without any change. Also measured the gnd side of each socket and it seems good.

The oem bulbs work just fine.

Has anyone installed LED turn signals had this problem or does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be the issue.

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