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Originally Posted by 823Jim View Post
I have a 2003 that is Candy Durango Red that has Gold emblems.
My brothers is an '04 Flared Red with chrome emblems.

I found the attached emblems on ebay and both say the are for '01 thru '14 GL1800. I don't know but could the emblems vary according to what color paint is on the bike.
The side emblems should match the emblem on the front of fairing unless that is missing too.
Very interesting. Thank you. There is no emblem on the front of the bike. Both side farings have brass screws in the mounting holes with nuts on the backside. It looks like the PO de-badged the bike. It's the dark maroon looking color. Either color would look okay, but the chrome might match the engine and guards more closely.

Judging by this page (it's the second of the three photos) all three models have the chrome emblem.

Any other theories out there?
(Thanks again to all!)

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