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Originally Posted by dsurley View Post
I get an error on mine as well...... but only on really cold mornings (my definition.... about 40 F)
but it only happens at the exact same stretch of road..... and goes out at the same place....
Thinking I am getting some sort of radio interference on the same frequency or something
My 2010 did the same thing a few years back. Then it went on full time. Not the low pressure but the TPMS system light. The dealer replaced the sensors under warranty just before it went out of date. It has done it a couple times this winter, also on very cold days, in the same stretch of road.

Originally Posted by encmerk View Post
Slowrollin, Iím on an Ď18 wing tour. Iíve posted the pic of the Honda service bulletin to my picture album. Basically, you have to rapidly lower the air pressure of a tire below 18psi and then refill it to spec. Repeat for second tire.
If my problems comes back I'll give this a try.

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