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The dilemma:
A set of moto tires that last between 12 to 16k (some 18) and handle nimbly like a motto should.

Or, a set of CT that last over 20k and have run-flat safety but handle like not-as-nimble as the moto tires do.

I don't think there is anything wrong with either choice.

Personally, I would like to see a moto tire developed with the carcass of a CT but the shape of a moto tire; and that would be the compromise that creates the panacea of a touring tire on any tankish touring bike.

What I fail to justify/reason is the idea of aggressive riding on a touring bike, as many folks seem to enjoy on K16, Wings and other big-butt-bikes; as these bikes are not created for racing. There are bike specifically designed for the praxis of hauling arses.

Unfortunately, current tires for touring bikes are more of a copy-cat of racing tires than not--allowing for some insignificant traits/marketing for touring customers.

When, are the motorcycle tire manufacturers gonna design a tire with specific traits for touring long distance on a heavy touring motorcycle loaded with crap? guess is never.

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