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IDMWT, Well, sign me up!

I've read all the stories and thought it would never happen to me b/c I am always careful. I just never figured in the 'stupid' part, until now.

I parked my wing on my driveway with a slight downhill slope, (1st stupid thing) and left it in gear so it wouldn't roll forward. 20 minutes later, standing on the right side of the bike I push the starter button to start it. (stupid 2) It's in gear, so it won't start. So of course I pulled the clutch in (real stupid) to start it. Since it wasn't in gear anymore, it immediately rolled forward, and in slow motion, no less. All I could do was let it go. (The only smart thing here) And you guys are right. No damage because of the crash bars, But it did snap off the clamps that were holding my highway board.

I managed to pick it up before my neighbors saw it laying in the driveway so my picture is of the aftermath. I'm not sure what number I am, but I guess I am finally part of the elite club. Go team!

Click image for larger version

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