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Important General Information to all Members

Admin recently pointed out that the moderation team will continue to operate under the parameters that certain topics will be subject to moderation of some sort. These include Political, Religious, Pornography, Innuendo, and Personal Attacks. This moderation will/can result in thread closure, posts edited/deleted, and other actions.

Recently there has been a topic that has been discussed that is both highly emotional and one with many opinions. The discussion ended up evolving into much more than may have been intended but none the less it happened. Admin has closed that thread and a subsequent thread deleted. This is a topic that touches many of us (including myself) however as in the past not up for discussion at the GWOF. I know many of you are members of other Forums, Facebook, other Social Media Outlets, and have each others cell phones/email addresses (I know I text, talk, email with many of my good friends from here and don't post certain things) so there are many outlets available for you to discuss such things. The GWOF is not the place.

To those of the general membership that exercised restraint (I know there were many) in getting involved in the discussion the moderating team thanks you deeply. For those that were involved I personally understand your frustration (believe me when I tell you my good friends know my thoughts) however there are other avenues for you to voice your opinion and the GWOF is not that place.

This is without question the best Goldwing Forum on the net maybe even one of the best Forums in general. This did not occur without a lot of hard work by the moderating team and the efforts of the general membership.

In closing I will also say that I know we will be encountering a very tumultuous, trying year in the USA in 2016 with many highly charged issues and actions from the Political arena. The GWOF moderating team will continue to operate with the above statements in tact so we ask for your continued efforts on keeping this forum the jewel that it has become.

Thank You in advance for your anticipated cooperation

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