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Randy Hawes
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Vince, I'm on my second GL1800. Neither has had the Honda GPS, which is a Garmin product. I personally have no experience with it, but from conversations and reading comments from those who do, I would not spend extra money for the current or recent versions.

If you took the considerable amount time to go back through past threads on this forum, you'd find far more complaints than praises for the Honda GPS. Many riders who do have it, don't even turn it on. They, and I, simply use an aftermarket unit, usually on a handlebar mount. Mine is a Garmin auto type. It can do far more than I know how to use, but it serves my needs and cost less than $200.

As for the 'Wing, good plan. I would not have bought a second one if I didn't believe they are the best choice. The primary thing to look for is a maintenance history, documented if possible. If the previous owner had all of his work done at a Honda dealer, the dealer will have a detailed record. If the po did his own work, that's gonna be a judgement call based on the bike in question and what you sense from the owner. With proper maintenance, 200K miles is common.

The GoldWing is an excellent towing vehicle if the towing is done properly.

There are so many on the market, its easy to think the perfect one for you is out there. As our guiding Fossil says, find the one that sings to you. And then come see me. We'll go for a lunch ride.

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