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Originally Posted by tfdeputydawg View Post
Since you responded:
There is one use and one use only for a detector! That being aiding and abetting one in violating the speed limits.
You and others can rationalize this any way you want to but, it does not change the facts, which is promotion of a device that leads to dangerous driving/riding practices.
Everyone call your insurance agent and ask if this device will be covered by your policy, should it be stolen.
I,as a LEO, find it very insulting for a forum about motorcycles to accept money to promote such a device.
By the way-3mile detection range-REALLY
Anyway, even if it were 10miles-How would that help against any officer activating his radar, when he observes a potential speeder?????
This argument makes about as much sense as the anti-gun lobby's argument that guns cause murders! Speeding is also a choice.
Just as the decision for this forum to welcome Rocky Mountain Radar as a sponsor was their choice and I support their decision.
I own a Radar Detector and I drive/ride with the flow of traffic which may be 5mph over, but that is a lot safer than impeding traffic, and that is my choice too.
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